Recruiters: please read the page for Cybling Systems before soliciting me for contracts.

Krishna E. Bera

Computer Consultant

Address: Ottawa, Canada


Computer Consultant, Cybling Systems,Ottawa
1995 to Present
Webmaster training.
  • Taught HTML/CSS to volunteers, with emphasis on accessibility and on separation between document's structure and its style.
  • HTML 4.01, CSS1, CSS2
Setup of online news publisher.
  • Tested, customized and configured content management software.
  • Supported and trained webmasters.
  • Performed troubleshooting of problems on live site.
  • Manage upgrades and liaise with development team at Sourceforge.
Setup of online shop.
  • Developed shopping cart interface.
  • Configured site to securely take credit card information.
  • Wrote shopkeeper interface.
  • PHP, Apache, Zeus
  • MySQL
Setup of online bookstore.
  • Advised on selection of e-tailing software.
  • Customized interface and scripts for client purposes.
  • Added capability to search for authors.
  • Configured site to securely take credit card information.
  • PHP4, Apache, Zeus
  • MySQL
  • TEP
Programming support and installation of Back-End content management system.
  • Installed and configured scripts on varying server setups.
  • Customized interface for client purposes.
  • Participate in managing development of the source code.
  • PHP, Apache, Zeus
  • CVS
Support for InfoLynx news searching software/service.
  • Recommended hardware and software configuration to improve search engine throughput.
  • PHP3, Apache, Linux
  • C++, Perl, MySQL
Development of 3D GIS fly-through software Virtual Frontier.
  • Wrote parts of user interface and data import.
  • Created new controls (widgets) for use in interface.
  • Wrote 2D plotting and flight planning modules.
  • Wrote interface to mapping database.
  • Microsoft Developer Studio 97
  • C++, Windows GDI, OLE
  • MapInfo, Vertical Mapper
Developed intranet database application.
  • Estimated and planned project.
  • Wrote database interface module.
  • dBASE, FoxPro
  • Perl, CGI, HTML
Coordinator of Waste-Line and PERC website team,
  • Planned site, held meetings, coordinated work.
  • Designed web pages and CGI scripts.
  • Quarterly reports to client (government).
  • HTML, Perl, CGI, PHP
Developed Internet modules for customer's toolkit.
  • Wrote HTTP code from v1.0 specification.
  • Interfaced to FTP vendor library.
  • C, Windows, DLL, Winsock
  • HTTP 1.0, FTP, Internet, communications
  • Newt SDK, Watcom C/C++ 11.0
Developed extensions to electronic publishing software.
  • Interfaced full-text retrieval engine - indexing and search.
  • Wrote filters to import from RTF and HTML to publishing software’s format.
  • C, Windows, DLL
  • Full-text retrieval
  • Microsoft C 6.0
Developed dialup scripting program.
  • Setup simulated target environment: Unix host and logins, modem on Windows box.
  • Procured 3rd party library.
  • Wrote, tested and delivered package with documentation.
  • C, Windows, DLL
  • serial ports
  • real-time scripting
Represented strategic partner at trade show.
  • Presented product and gathered market intelligence.
  • Set up trade show booth.
  • Seybold '96
  • Desktop publishing
Developed GUI for sales support client-server database.
  • Implemented user-friendly data entry and browsing interface in concert with end users.
  • Omnis for Mac, Windows
  • SQL, Oracle
  • database tuning
Website for L'Amuse Gueule Gourmet Food shop/Traiteur
  • Designed web pages and graphics.
  • Published web pages
  • Obtained domain name
Technical support and consulting services.
  • Install and configure various hardware and software.
  • Tutor users and provide telephone support.
  • MS-DOS; MS-Windows 3.11, 95, 98, ME
  • word processors, spreadsheets, multimedia apps, Internet
Converted terminal interface package.
  • Ported text windowing library from QNX to XENIX.
  • C, Curses
Programmer / Analyst Developed software for tracking ship structural defects.
MIL Systems,
1990 to 1995:
  • Analyzed requirements and selected tools.
  • Created specification and prototype in concert with clients.
  • Implemented software and populated map database.
  • Supported for three years. Trained customers.
  • Visual Basic
  • Raima Database Manager
  • Features: maps with hotspots, interactive query generator, distributed database
Maintained wiring inventory and mapping database system.
  • Upgraded database software.
  • Added CAD interface.
  • Taught database administration to users.
  • Oracle database, including: forms, reports, SQL, Pro*C
  • C, Intergraph API
Automated recording and reporting of ship inclining trials.
  • Designed system, using field data and process observations.
  • Implementation with phased releases.
  • Field tests improved interface and robustness.
  • CA Clipper
  • Features: spreadsheet, 3rd party s/w interface, presentation-ready output, natural input format
Developed expert system for changes in buoy designs.
  • Designed database and wrote software.
  • Optimized input interface for data entry clerk.
  • CA Clipper
  • Inheritance model schema
  • Output in natural language
Migrated legacy calculation and reporting program.
  • Conversion from VAX and FORTRAN to PC.
  • Visual Basic
  • Q+E/VB (ODBC model)
Maintained financial and personnel database system.
  • Performed maintenance and troubleshooting of reports, design of queries.
Designed shipboard information exchange architecture.
  • Investigated feasibility of ship onboard data exchange network including use of power lines.
  • Designed comprehensive framework for user interface tools, modular communications drivers, and data transformation.
  • NMEA 0183, TCP/IP, LONWorks
  • Windows, DDE
  • Market survey
Performed benefit-cost analysis of installing shipboard LANs.
  • Interviewed department experts and users.
  • Compiled and review purchase and maintenance data.
  • Analyzed results, recommended options.
  • Lotus
  • Cost/benefit analysis
Drafted and reviewed company procedures to improve software quality.
  • Introduced use of source code control software.
  • Participated in design reviews.
  • ISO 9000
  • PVCS
Performed technical support and administration functions.
  • Introduced internal and external email system.
  • Performed systems administration tasks on engineering workstations.
  • Encouraged use of best practices in end user computing, via mentoring.
  • DEC Ultrix
  • PC support and training
Programmer Wrote World War II air-to-sea combat game.
Aero Animation,
1987 to 1989:
  • Code directly interfaced with video hardware, joystick and keyboard.
  • Integrated 3rd party sound code.
  • Optimized for small memory space.
  • 6502 Assembler
  • Real-time input/control
Worked on helicopter gunship game.
  • Designed missions and implemented mission setup and completion code.
  • Removed speed bottlenecks.
  • MS-C, 80x86 Assembler
Programmer Wrote transportation risk assessment program.
Institute for Risk
Research, Waterloo,
  • Researched and used state-of-the-art algorithms for finding least-cost network traversals.
  • Conducted risk assessment study.
  • database of destinations, roads/rails
Performed technical support functions.
  • Helped PC and mainframe users with file transfers, printing, word processing on both mainframe and pc.
  • WordStar, Kermit
  • IBM VM/CMS, Script, GML
Student Programmer Wrote simulations for chemical engineering applications.
Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.,
  • Applied numerical analysis techniques to solve equations.
  • Coded algorithms from research paper descriptions.
  • FORTRAN 77
  • French translation
Improved computer simulation of chemicals movement in soil.
  • Made input files human-readable and improved input parameter checking.
  • Increased speed of simulation. Structured code.
  • Performed experimental work and compared data with simulation.
  • FORTRAN 66, 77
Improved computer codes modeling nuclear reactor cores.
  • Assisted in modifying and testing programs.
  • Collated results and prepared illustrations.
Championed new technologies.
  • Introduced coworkers to hierarchical directories.
  • Tutored in use of full screen editor.
  • Wrote script to enable printer capabilities.
  • PDP-10, TOPS-10
  • VAX, VMS
Research Assistant Improved network routing/scheduling program.
University of Waterloo,
Civil Engineering Dept.
  • Optimized program to increase capacity.
  • Assisted in statistical modeling of passenger flow.
  • SAS


Course Algonquin College, Ontario. 4 month International Entrepreneurship course.
Course Algonquin College, Ontario. 4 month International Trade Logistics course.
Course Learnix Ltd., Ontario. One week UNIX Networking (TCP/IP) course.
Course Learnix Ltd., Ontario. One week Object Oriented Design Methodology course.
Bachelor of Mathematics University of Waterloo, Ontario.


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